CCA and Jeenee Mobile have an ongoing relationship and commitment to support people living with disabilities.  

CCA’s years of working with people living with disabilities who were denied access to the ubiquitous mobile technology that the rest of the community take for granted saw Jeenee Mobile (the telco) begin to roll out plans and SIM cards in 2013.  Since then, Jeenee Mobile have developed specific plans for people from the hearing impaired community, people from the hearing/sight impaired community and for people with various disabilities who need help and assistance.

CCA provides a range of options for people needing assistance with their mobile phone or tablet.  We run Technology Hubs across the Sydney metro area where people come together in a peer supported environment to gain skills in the use of technology.

Technology Assessment
Individualised report
Recommend devices and applications
Individual mobile/tablet technology training
One on one training
Customised to your requirements
Group mobile/tablet technology training
Group training sessions
Meet new people while learning

Technology hub participants learn and practice with others how to:

  • Customise and identify applications and devices to meet specific needs - for people with difficult hand function; swiping solutions/for people with difficult or without expressive speech; text to talk/Big Launcher app.
  • Appropriately use their phone - acceptable usage; safety and security solutions; email; photography; calendars, diaries
  • Assess a person’s needs - e.g. mobile phone; tablet; assistive technology options

Families have also established hubs so that they can learn how their person can benefit from these technologies – particularly from CALD communities.  These are now self-managed and ongoing.

CCA and Jeenee Mobile continue to work together to ensure that people living with disabilities get the best possible telco and technology options possible.