About CCA

Community Connections Australia has a long history of providing genuine care and consultation to improve the independence of people living with a disability. We believe that if people are active and visible in their communities, they will become known and recognised for themselves rather than labelled by their differences. Since being established in 1987 our organisation has helped hundreds of people move away from institutionalised living and, with personalised levels of support, empowered them to live their best possible lives within the homes and communities of their choice. By being a part of their community people increase their experiences and become active and valued contributors in society.

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Our Story

Over the last 30 years CCA has supported people living with a wide range of disabilities and support needs. Our experience has grown through decades of changing societal demands and government structures. Being part of people moving into their own homes for the first time, of working out their choices and options and taking charge of their lives is an enormous privilege. It has been a challenging and rewarding journey!

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Dr Robin Way

Our first CEO Dr Robin Way has been with us from the very beginning. Over the years she has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked widely across the disability sector sitting on numerous boards and committees as well as advising both state and federal government on disability service delivery. Robin’s connection to the disability community is lifelong and deeply personal having grown up with a sister, Jennifer, who was born with cerebral palsy. This unique understanding is behind our commitment to helping those living with a disability to be present and actively involved in their communities, enabling them to be seen and known for who they are and not as their disability.