Community Connections Australia is registered to provide NDIS Supports and Services. Our provider number is 53760138

At CCA we are supporting people and their families to be NDIS ready by:

  • Holding NDIS information sessions for people who receive services, their families and others who are interested
  • Holding “How To” workshops for people so that they are familiar with how the planning meeting will be conducted
  • Working collaboratively with individuals through planning tools so that each person can go to their NDIS planning meeting knowing what they want to have included in their plan
  • Providing the latest NDIS news through emails and our website
  • Advising FACS of the most up-to-date information about the supports we currently provide to each person
  • Being available to answer any questions people may have. If we don’t know the answers then we will ring NDIA and find out
  • Providing Skills-Based workshops, wherever possible using technology, so as to enable people to manage and co-ordinate their NDIS services

CCA can assist and support people and their families with:

Participating in Activities (Community, Social and Civic)

  • Finding and joining different groups in your community
  • Making new friends
  • Using technology to increase your independence
  • Having fun

Your Daily Life Skills

  • Learning new skills- cook new meals, manage your household budget, do your own shopping 
  • Managing your own home- e.g. when to shop, clean, cook
  • Learning how technology can increase your independence
  • Learning these skills individually or in a group

Living Your Life (Co-ordinating or Managing Life Stages)

  • Developing your skills in areas such as daily planning, budgeting, managing multiple support services
  • Providing short term or long term training
  • Accessing information to make informed choices in your life
  • Enabling you to be in control of your life

Finding and Keeping a Job

  • Understanding what sort of work you might want e.g. permanent or casual, full-time or part-time, paid or volunteer
  • Looking for the right job
  • Understanding the skills you will require
  • Ongoing support to keep your job

School or Education

  • Understanding what you will need to be able to access your school or educational place
  • Assisting you with moving into a new environment
  • Ongoing support to stay at school (including personal care)

Daily Personal Activities

  • Completing morning and evening personal care routines
  • Providing basic to complex levels of care
  • Having services in your home, at work or school, where you need it
  • Training staff to your personal requirements

Travel Training

  • Finding what sort of transport you need
  • Arranging transport with you so you can live your life
  • Teaching you skills to travel independently
  • Using technology to ensure you are safe and secure


  • Making sure your home is clean
  • Making sure you have a ‘homely’ environment that reflects your personal choices
  • Doing the day-to-day or weekly household jobs- e.g. cleaning, cooking, clothes care

Where to Live (Accommodation and Tenancy)

  • Making decisions about where you would want to live
  • Finding the right place to live
  • Maintaining your tenancy in your home
  • Increasing your skills to manage your tenancy

Plan Management

  • Understanding how to manage the financial aspects of your NDIS supports
  • Strengthening your ability to manage your supports
  • Undertaking the financial management of your supports through making payments, processing claims, monthly statements
  • Using technology where possible

If you want services that are not listed then simply ring and ask.

We can also support people to access these additional services:

  • Communication (behaviour) support
  • Specialised assessment of skills, including the use of technology
  • Accessing CCA’s Digital Arts Program or Technology Hubs

Remember you can access our services from as little as an hour a day to 24 hour support.  We also provide services to all people, regardless of age, disability type or complexity of care needs.