Our Service Delivery Approach

CCA supports people to live in their community.  We provide the supports to ensure that people living with all types and levels of disability and needs can be as independent as they wish to be. 

We support each person to plan their services through a ‘Build your own service’ approach so that your services are customised to your individual needs and wants and not on a 'one size fits all' basis.

We provide a range of in-home, accommodation and community support services including:

  • In-home & community support tailored to your needs and wishes

  • Accommodation support- from occasional drop in support to high needs & complex care

  • Supports where you want them and when you want them – these can be regular or intermittent service delivery options

  • Supports can be as little as one hour a day through to 24 hour care

Our Service Delivery includes:

  • An after-hours telephone in case of emergencies

  • Working with you to build a flexible and on demand service system around you

  • Fees and administration charges that are designed to give you the best value for your money. We are always open to negotiation about your charges

  • If you want to self-manage your services we can assist in the back-room processes to enable this to happen

  • If you want to manage your staff we can help you to: find the right people, cover your rosters or complete your paperwork

  • If you are applying for an NDIA package we can assist you to identify what you will need to ask for and help you cost out your needs

  • Our administration fee is flexible, as are our rates

If you do not have funding but still require assistance, we will work with you to prepare a self-funded plan option.  We can also support people with early onset dementia – particularly people living with disabilities – or people who are older. This gives carers a break, and also assists people in the community who need additional housekeeping, shopping or in-home services.

CCA is an approved provider for:

  • NDIS

    • Accommodation and tenancy assistance

    • Participation in community, social and civic activities

    • Assistance with daily personal activities

    • Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement

    • Development of daily living and life skills

    • Household tasks

    • Training for independence    

  • ICARE (Formally LTCS)

  • COS (Continuity of Support)

  • Australian Unity

  • Insurers and other people who wish to self-fund their own services