CCA believes that technology is an enabler of independence and should be available to everyone, including people living with disabilities.

In 2010 we established Jeenee Mobile to introduce technology into the lives of people who live with disability. In 2015, Jeenee Mobile became a social enterprise and continues to work in partnership with CCA.

CCA provides a range of options for people needing assistance with their mobile phone or tablet.  We run Technology Hubs across the Sydney metro area where people come together in a peer supported environment to gain skills in the use of technology.

Technology Assessment
Individualised report
Recommend devices and applications
Individual mobile/tablet technology training
One on one training
Customised to your requirements
Group mobile/tablet technology training
Group training sessions
Meet new people while learning

Technology Hubs

We currently run three weekly Hubs in Parramatta and in a number of other disability specific organisations and work with multicultural family groupings to work on technology options for their particular needs, including:

  • Assessing and customising devices and applications to meet specific needs

  • How to use devices - safety and security solutions, email, photography, entertainment, calendars, diaries etc.

CCA and Jeenee Mobile continue to work together to ensure that people living with disabilities get the best possible telco and technology options possible.