We recognise the importance of having the right fit of staff to meet the needs of the people we support.  We will work with you to achieve high quality services that meet your goals.  We actively encourage your involvement in the recruitment and training of your staff, so that they suit your personal preferences and lifestyle.

It's your choice about who works with you

A flexible staffing model is the best way of ensuring you get what you want!

Use CCA workers
Bring your own
Use an agency
Use a combination

Using CCA Workers

From recruitment to staff management, you can be involved in the whole process!  Choose your level of involvement from drafting an advertisement, interviewing, devising selection criteria etc.

For direct support workers employed by CCA we will:

Recruit according to your needs
Do thorough probity checks
Employ to SCHADS Award
Train to meet your needs
Monitor performance

If you have any specific requirements just let us know so that we can ensure the right staff are working with you – e.g. pet friendly, experienced with children, cultural diversity, etc.